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I know this sounds crazy but we all know it’s true

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best celine replica You cannot miss Tam Coc when you are in Ninh Binh, actually in recent years most travelers visit Trang An rather than Tam Coc however I myself prefer Tam Coc for some reasons: Tam Coc is more natural, I came here for the first time in early 1990s with my classmates when I was in secondery school, over a long time Tam Co still preserve it’s wild and natural beauty, Tam Coc is particularly beautiful in rice season when the whole rice field is a deep yellow carpet, looking down from the top of mountain it looks like a picture of river and mountain of the old paintings, and when you are paddling along the Ngo Dong river, get through the tunnels and caves you have a feeling like a part of the setting, as close as mixing with the nature. Trang An is in fact an artificial tourism complex developed by humans, it is beautiful indeed however I always feel like in a film studio as everything looks “fake”. And today when most visitors move to Trang An making this place very touristy Tam Coc has gradually restored it’s quiet beauty best celine replica.


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